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Black Wolf Blues is a blues rock band from London, UK.

The band was originally formed in São Paulo - Brazil, in 2019 by frontman and guitarist Rafael Miranda. Having had a number of great musicians in its first line ups such as Freed de Souza, Nelson Oliveira, Daniel Plothow and Luke Rizzo, the band would perform regularly at popular venues in São Paulo. They would also go on to release their debut self-titled album Black Wolf Blues, available on all streaming platforms worldwide, the style ranging from instrumental to blues and hard rock.

In 2020 frontman Rafael moved the band's base of operations to London, to pursue the project with a new line up of musicians. A plan which was momentarily put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but as of early 2022 the project was back on track, with the band quickly establishing itself in the London rock scene. A dear friend to the band, Liam Hutchinson was on bass from mid 2022 to mid 2023. 

Black Wolf Blues consists of Rafael Miranda (vocals and guitar), Jake Storey (guitar), Cameron Storey (drums) and Nicolas Richards (bass). A unique blend of blues, rock n' roll and hard rock is the band’s trademark. They perform regularly at popular venues in London as well as promotional events.

And last but not least the band are currently recording their second studio release: a brand new EP, with its first single to be released in the next few months.  


Rafael Miranda

Vocals & Guitar

Rafael Miranda is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist and music teacher from São Paulo, Brazil. He began studying guitar at the age of 10, with his influences ranging from Muddy Waters and Chuck Berry to SRV and Lynyrd Skynyrd. He completed his formal studies in music at the age of 17 at the Conservatoire Of Music Juscelino Kubitscheck. He also studied guitar, singing and song writing at ICMP London. He has been involved in a number of projects, having founded Black Wolf Blues as its frontman in 2019. After the release of the band's debut album he moved Black Wolf Blues' base of operations from São Paulo to London, to pursue the project with a new line up of musicians. 


Jake Storey


Jake Storey is a guitarist, bassist, producer and guitar teacher from London, UK. He grew up listening to rock and metal music from a young age, being heavily inspired by bands such as AC/DC, Metallica and Guns n’ Roses. He began teaching himself how to play the guitar from the age of 14, mixing his influences from blues musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer and Joe Bonamassa with his rock and metal background. He graduated in music and guitar at BIMM London, where he honed his skills. Shortly after finishing his music studies Jake would go on to meet frontman Rafael Miranda and join Black Wolf Blues as its lead guitar player. He is a fan of vinyl and he loves talking about music, so if you see him at a show don't hesitate to approach him for a friendly chat.


Cameron Storey


Cameron Storey is the power and weight behind Black Wolf Blues' sound. From London, UK, and the brother of our guitarist Jake, he has been studying music and playing the drums from the age of 11, inspired by the artists and the music he grew up around. Some of the famous drummers that have influenced his playing are Lars Ulrich, Danny Carey, Charlie Benante, Nick Menza, Dave Lombardo, Jay Weinberg, Donald Tardy, Phil Rudd, Gavin Harrison, Steven Adler and many more. Jake and Cam have been playing together for a long time alongside our bassist Liam. They all joined Black Wolf Blues in early 2022 shortly after meeting frontman Rafael Miranda. 


Nicolas Richards


Nicolas Richards is a bassist, guitarist, clarinet and saxophone player from Milan, Italy. His passion for music started when listening to swing and jazz records, leading him to pick up the clarinet at the age of 10. He soon became interested in the sound of one of his biggest musical influences, Benny Goodman. One thing led to another and he started playing the saxophone after he discovered Charlie Parker, and initiated his guitar playing after he was intrigued by blues music when he started listening to Robert Johnson and early BB King. His major influences are John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and many more. He eventually started to play bass over blues and rock and roll records. In 2023 Nicolas moved to London to pursue his dream to become a musician, and is now studying guitar performance at ICMP - the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He joined Black Wolf Blues shortly after beginning his studies there. 

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