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Black Wolf Blues At The Spice Of Life!

Rafael Miranda

Thu 1 Jun 2023

Hello guys!

It's that time of the week again, and today's blog is about our gig at The Spice Of Life in Soho, an event by Hot Vox.

First let's tell you a little bit about Hot Vox.

Hot Vox is a music management, production and promotion company.

They create events that showcase talents across a full range of genres, creating a great atmosphere for both musicians and fans alike.

They also specialise in management, video production and work as consultants for branding, advertising, TV and film.

Their creative team has the expertise to cover all aspects of video production, from initial concept to the final product.

They work with established, touring acts as well as supporting up and coming musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform in great venues.

They also work closely with festivals such as the Isle Of Wight Festival and The Great Escape Festival.

And we've been lucky to be working closely with this outstanding giant in the UK entertainment industry.

Now let's tell you a little bit about the Spice Of Life.

Set in the heart of theatreland within the buzzing bohemian community of Soho, the Spice is an institution and part of the McMullen family of pubs since 1986 (!). A pub that has truly stood the test of time surviving two world wars and retaining its traditional charm.

It is thought that there has been a tavern on the site of The Spice of Life since around 1750, although its present incarnation was built in 1898. The tavern underwent a few name changes over the next 80 years, becoming The George and 13 Cantons, The Scots Hoose, and then finally The Spice of Life in 1986, when McMullen (the Hertford Brewers) became the owners.

As well as being a listed building, The Spice of Life also has an esteemed musical heritage, and saw many great acts such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Cat Stevens performing there.

Then in the heyday of punk in the late 70’s The Spice of Life became a regular haunt for many punk musicians and followers, including The Sex Pistols.

In the late 90’s a thriving Jazz Club started up at The Spice, and has attracted many top acts such as Jamie Cullum, Darius Brubeck & Daryl Sherman.

And that is the amazing venue where it all went down.

It was an amazing night, we headlined the event with the house SOLD OUT and full of supporters of ours and of the bands who played before us as well.

A shout out to all the other bands there that night, and a big thank you to all our supporters and friends!

Check out this week's video on our YouTube channel and you'll get to watch one of the songs we played there that night.

We also sold lots of merchandise (last few hats available so make sure to get yours!) and got a lot of new followers and friends.

We played a brand new song from our upcoming EP and everybody loved it! We are currently recording our next studio work, with the first single to be released in the next few months.

As an independent band we need all the support we can get, so we are running a crowdfunding campaign to help us fund the recording of our EP and make it as awesome as possible for you!

If you'd like to contribute with any amount just head on over to our website or linktree and you will find the link to the crowdfunding there.

Our next gig is this weekend 22 July at the Camden Rocks Presents shows at The Fiddler's Elbow in Camden Town, an amazing venue right in the heart of Camden, on a rocking Saturday night!

Many other bands will play before us and we’ll be playing at around 8:30 PM. This is gonna be a really special performance we’re preparing for you so make sure you are there!

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for some of our videos, pictures and exclusive content.

A new video is uploaded to our YouTube channel every Tuesday, so don't forget to like and subscribe so that you don't miss out on new content weekly.

We also publish a new blog every Thursday, and next week's blog is going to be one of a kind. So stay tuned, rock on and have an amazing weekend!

Black Wolf Blues

Rafael, Jake, Liam & Cam


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