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Black Wolf Blues at The Fiddler's Elbow/Camden Rocks Presents Shows!

Rafael Miranda

Thu 9 March 2023

Hello guys!

It's that time of the week again, and today's blog is about our gig at The Fiddler's Elbow on 11 February 2023, as part of The Camden Rocks Presents Shows.

The Fiddler's Elbow is a live music venue in one of the greatest entertainment hubs in London: Camden Town. It is a historic and iconic grassroots venue, hosting live gigs every night of the week and often also showcasing live acts during the day on weekends.

A short walk away from Camden Market, The Fiddler's Elbow is a great place to enjoy live music as they host spectacular bands from the UK and all over Europe, from fresh upcoming bands to seasoned veterans.

Photo credit: Neil Hughes @concertinaphoto

Now let us tell you a little about the Camden Rocks Festival and The Camden Rocks Presents Shows: they are the UK's biggest independent multi-venue rock'n'roll events, showcasing hundreds of the best new and established bands across twenty of the best venues in Camden Town. The electric atmosphere of the event combined with the already exuberant energy of Camden culminates into one of the best festivals you'll ever go to, all without stepping foot inside a welly boot.

The larger and main event Camden Rocks Festival happens once a year, but every month the producers of the festival also put together a smaller promotional event for it, which ends up being another festival itself: The Camden Rocks Presents Shows.

Some of the best new bands from across the country showcased in Camden’s best grassroots venues, where the music’s loud, the drinks are flowing and the energy is high. That is the event we were proud to be a part of at the Fiddler's Elbow.

And it was an amazing experience for us!

From promoting the event along with some of the best professionals in the London rock industry, to playing our set supported by the excellent structure and equipment provided, to watching and getting to know all the other bands playing that day as well, we can say without question we had a real blast.

Photo credit: Neil Hughes @concertinaphoto

Make sure to check out all of the other amazing bands that were on the line up: THOUGHTCASTLE, DESTINESIA, DRAMALOVE, PERPETUAL PARADOX, DELLA NOVA, DISTRICT13, FEED THE WOLF, BUTTCHERRY, INDYA & SOLAR CULTURE.

As always a huge thank you to all of our supporters who were there!

We'll be playing at The Camden Rocks Presents Shows again really soon (and maybe even the Camden Rocks Festival itself), so stay tuned for more.

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for some of the videos and pictures from that gig - some amazing shots by Neil Hughes (@concertinaphoto).

A new video is uploaded to our YouTube channel every Tuesday, so don't forget to like and subscribe so that you don't miss out on new content weekly.

We also publish a new blog every Thursday, and next week's blog is going to be about our fourth gig of the year, a promotional gig which took place at the HMV Westfield White City. So stay tuned, rock on and have an amazing weekend!

Black Wolf Blues Rafael, Jake, Liam & Cam



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