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Black Wolf Blues’ live stream with Hot Vox for War Child UK

Rafael Miranda

Thu 23 Nov 2023

Hello guys!

It's that time of the week again, and today's blog is about Black Wolf Blues’ live stream with Hot Vox for War Child UK.

The livestream happened on Thursday November 23th at 8PM!! This was a very special presentation we’ve prepared for you and it is from now on available on the following link, so make sure you watch it and enjoy the show:

We have done this amazing live studio recording recorded at Cargo Room Studios in London, and we have been rehearsing for our acoustic busking sessions coming up around London, all as part of a campaign to raise money for the world renowned charity War Child UK, in partnership with Hot Vox.

From Thursday November 16th the page for our fundraiser has been live, we’ve gathered a good amount of donations so far but we still have a lot more to raise for this beautiful cause!

War Child is the only specialist charity for children affected by wars and conflicts around the world. For more than two decades, they’ve been driven by a single goal – ensuring a safe future for every child living through war.

War Child was founded in 1993 by filmmakers David Wilson and Bill Leeson, along with social entrepreneur Willemijn Verloop. On assignment in the former Yugoslavia, they were horrified by the violence and ethnic cleansing they witnessed and especially its impact on children.

So the aim of the charity has always been to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and support them long after the cameras have gone.

They deliver life-changing services and support in communities affected by conflicts to keep children safe and help them to heal and learn for the chance of a better future.

They work with a number of passionate, creative and forward-thinking partners, agencies, brands, corporates, trusts and foundations to ensure they have the greatest impact for children living through conflict.

Hot Vox in its turn is a music management, production and promotion company.

They create events that showcase talents across a full range of genres, creating a great atmosphere for both musicians and fans alike.

They also specialize in management, video production and work as consultants for branding, advertising, TV and film.

Their creative team has the expertise to cover all aspects of video production, from initial concept to the final product.

They work with established, touring acts as well as supporting up and coming musicians, giving them the opportunity to perform in great venues.

They also work closely with festivals such as the Isle Of Wight Festival and The Great Escape Festival.

And we've been lucky to be working closely with this outstanding giant in the UK entertainment industry.

And it is for the world renowned charity War Child UK, alongside Hot Vox, that we will be working on a fundraiser until Thursday Dec 7th.

Donations are possible online, so if you can please donate to this beautiful cause. We really appreciate your support!

And you can actually choose one of our personalized special rewards from the band that come freely with your donations.

And again, we have also done an amazing live studio recording, which has been released via Hot Vox today, Thursday November 23rd, as a part of this fundraising campaign.

This was recorded at Cargo Rooms Studios in London and it is sounding great! So watch it, enjoy the show and please donate if you can.

We have also been rehearsing for our acoustic busking sessions coming up around London, from mid November to early December, all as part of the fundraiser.

The first of these busking sessions is going to take place this Sunday Dec 26th (if weather holds)! In the afternoon in front of the Tate Modern Museum on the Southbank. More details will be released on our stories between Saturday evening and Sunday morning so keep an eye out.

The busking sessions will take place around Central London from mid November to early December, these are free performances open to all ages. And donations will be possible at these busking sessions as well.

So if you can come on down to the shows (more information on the other dates to be released weekly), and please if you can donate to this worthy cause.

The campaign ends on Thursday December 7th.

We really appreciate your support!

You can catch us live next on Friday December 8th at the Temple of Arts and Music, Smithfield Market Arms! This is a FREE ENTRY SHOW, right in the heart of Smithfield Market on a beautiful Friday night!

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We also publish a new blog every Friday, and next week's blog is going to be one of a kind. So stay tuned, rock on and have an amazing weekend!

Black Wolf Blues

Rafael, Jake & Cam

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