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Happy New Year from Black Wolf Blues!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Rafael Miranda and Jake Storey

Sat 31 Dec 2022

Hi guys!

It’s probably been a while since you read one of our blogs, however we are back.

The band has had a great run since the beginning, but this has been a particularly amazing year, with Cam, Liam and Jake joining the lineup, 2022 has been a watershed year for Black Wolf Blues.

We’ve been really busy these past few months, with gigs done in 2022 and scheduled for 2023, performing live at popular music venues and clubs in London such as the St.Moritz Club in Soho, The Workshop in Shoreditch and many more.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all of our supporters everywhere around the world!

A special thanks all to those who joined us for these past few gigs as we get this train rollin’. You have made our year very special, and we look forward to seeing familiar faces in more shows in 2023.

Some special mentions, first to Mark from Wheeltappers and the St. Moritz Club. We would also like to thank Nicholas from Dead or Alive Promotions and The Workshop. We are currently in contact and have announced upcoming shows with both promoters, so please have a look on our website and Facebook events for more information.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to HMV Bexleyheath for having us there for a promotional gig in November! It was awesome to see so many of you there as we delivered two burning setlists back to back.

Photo Credit: Grace Hutchinson

We have a lot of great things planned for 2023, including fresh material soon to be released, so keep an eye out for posts and announcements as there will be lots heading your way this coming year.

Our next show is on 17 January at The Water Rats in King’s Cross, London! We will be onstage from 7:45 PM and tickets will be available at the doors for £7. This will be an 18+ event and ID will be checked before entry.

Please head on over to our Facebook events page for more information on our upcoming gigs:

If you see one of our adverts for a place near you don't miss out on the fun, and join us as we deliver a punching night of rock n' roll!

If you’d like to book us for a show, reach out through one of our social media pages or our email (

We have really enjoyed 2022 and are looking forward to rock a lot with all of you in 2023.

Stay tuned for more.



Rafael, Jake, Liam & Cam



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